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Smiles (Shutterbug Showcase)



Family photos circa 1975-1990, selected and framed by my mother (pictured twice, above right)

Whilst deeply saddened for the recent loss of my mother (back in April), and the long ago loss of my father, they smile in my memories and their love still remains.

Smiles is the prompt for this week’s ‘Shutterbug Showcase’ event over at Blogger’s World (participation  criteria here). Featured this week is a post by blogger surbhisachdeva89  reflecting on time together as a family. Her photo is a fab take on the prompt, please do visit her post and maybe take part yourself too (- post on your own blog with a pingback to this week’s feature – responses can be photo(s)/writing…) You might also like to check out surbhisachdev89’s personal blog, Writing Belly.

(I snapped the photo for this post this morning, finding it almost impossible to obtain a clear, reflection-free image. An alternative version of this photo/post might appear at a later time on my other blog, The Wishing Well, where I might catch up with some of the previous prompts I’ve yet to post for – if ever I can get my blogging brain back up to former snail~speed!)



Author: Colette B

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5 thoughts on “Smiles (Shutterbug Showcase)

  1. Oh dear, so sorry about your mother. Lovely family photos. Be strong and blessed be.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Stunning smiles and lovely memories . . . . . great entry Colette


  3. I m so glad to catch this post , glad you shared :). Hey you blog more than me right now so you’re good ,hugs from USA.


  4. There is nothing like the love of family,

    laughing dead or alive…

    Mine of long gone pasted…

    i also see that you dropped in for a read,

    thank you



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