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Reblog: Recycled Book Reading Challenge!


Here’s something to join in and post for – the challenge host and her great idea can be found at

The photo in the reblogged post is host Mliae’s selection of 12 pre-owned books to read in 12 months. I’m not usually a book blogger but have a heap of recent charity shop books that I part-read and need a push to finish. Not sure I will manage the whole of one book in a month. I tend to like dipping in and out and reading extracts in no particular order of some, …
So maybe bump into you posting for this 1st March challenge 🙂
Mliae’s Lifeexperimentblog is a really fabulous blog to navigate – do check out the home page view, I find it quite stunning and very well put together. Don’t forget to drop Mlaie a like and or comment over at her original post…

Lifexperiment Blog

I’ve really been wishing to create a reading challenge that I hope many people will join. I’m not a book blogger, but I do enjoy reading and reporting. All books are important, each in their own way. I guess you can assume that since I’m all over the map in life, my tastes in books is a bit erratic as well. So, I don’t stick to one form of literature…I like everything!

Book clubs and running out to purchase the newest hot item on the shelf has a tendency to get expensive after awhile, so I would like to focus on used or ‘recycled’ books. Remember that library book you bought for 10 cents? Or the second hand store find for 25 cents? Those are the ones about which I’m speaking. We all have them…some, like me, have a closet full just waiting to be read.


These are my 12…

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3 thoughts on “Reblog: Recycled Book Reading Challenge!

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  3. Thanks for sharing this! I’m hoping lots of people will join and get some good use out of those old forlorn books that desperately need to be loved 🙂

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