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A Wednesday Word with Ruth


As everything has changed quite drastically over at the Wishing Well, with an entirely different theme, I’m not so sure if these should go over there while I’m still under the bonnet. Seems settled and undemanding here in comparison. I’ve been pushing myself a fair bit with making my crazy five a day plus posts here and there and… so on… won’t be for much longer though as I’m needing to drop the pace back quite soon.

So, yet again, I’m a bit all over the place and still getting my head round widgets and menus and fine in theory but get in those particular customise panels and just …peter off, drift, distract, daydream… still awake from way before dawn I have the wonderful pleasure of hearing dawn breaking and the full choral performance of the birds inhabiting the small wooded area behind my garden. It’s the most amazing thing to hear birdsong in the mornings.

I hope this is ok with you Ruth; please be aware that Ruth’s image at her blog is much better than the low resolution screen dpi image I used as the background banner for my haiku response. This is in order to give you a sneak preview peep of Ruth’s post that you really might like to take a look at her  blog..

sunrise haiku card 250216for-coletteb-post(ruth)~

[update: later in the day… I was posting in near-sleep-mode… I have another version of the haiku over a section of the image but prefer to ask Ruth’s permission to use her background in the way I have. Maybe I can post it at The Wishing Well on Leap Day…?]

I haven’t revealed the Wednesday Word for this week – see if you can guess and then see if you were right by visiting  🙂 I hope to see you again another next time, thanks for dropping by. Please let me know if there is anything at my blog that would make your navigation or assist ease of use.


Author: Colette B

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4 thoughts on “A Wednesday Word with Ruth

  1. I know i now got to go to hers for the word! Good to see my blogavatar changed correctly to the rose. I was able to find the info.

    Liked by 1 person

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