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Wow this good lady promises good cake! Jacqueline’s Valentine Shindig link-up party this weekend looks like one not to be missed – maybe see you there!

a cooking pot and twisted tales


Please feel free to jump into the party train departing DXB – Dubai tomorrow and picking you up at your schedules anywhere in the World.

Gatecrashers make good party company. Just come with your cheerful self. Come one, come all.

You can click this link to see your invitation that has been waiting for you.

Come and indulge yourself a little bit.

Meet, greet, eat, drink, read, laugh, cry, dream, think, travel, cook, dance, mingle, whisper sweet nothings and more.

We will miss you if you don’t turn up.

It will be your pleasure as well as mine.

© Jacqueline Oby-Ikocha

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Author: Colette B

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  1. Thank you my lady for the generous reblog 🙂

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