not exactly work in progress…

Making for a Momentous March…



I’d like to make next month of March

momentous in some way –

it really is beyond time

to bring something into play…

Hopefully as ever, preparing now a plan

for some momentous change here,

I’ll announce it when I can …


Over at Ruth’s blog, every Wednesday she’s choosing a word to inspire her post for that day. She’s issued an open invitation for others to join in with her Wednesday Word, either in the comments or with a pingback to your own post.

I wasn’t really intending this post to be poetry for the Wednesday word – I was planning a simple post, forewarning of near future blog changes and to pass on the invite from Ruth, also recommending her wonderful poetry responses to her chosen prompt words.

My response proper will be (in a while) over at my other blog, The Wishing Well – that will be my main blogging space while I work out my plans for this space …



Author: Colette B

Amateur creative (artist, writer) ...

9 thoughts on “Making for a Momentous March…

  1. Wow Colette, I look forward to reading your new blog – and I LOVE your poem 😀

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  2. I love your poem Colete…gets me thinking about making my own March a momentous one. Looking forward to reading more from your blog. Happy Valentine

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  3. Love the poem. Im doing a blog challenge in April but why not work something into March too? Inspired…

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    • Is it the A-Z challenge? If I do that, I’m starting early with Z and prepping in reverse… thinking on if I can manage that pace Whatever it is best wishes for the challenge – lovely if you read something that sparked a seed of something 🙂 look forward to dropping by and catching up with you soon.

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      • Yes, the A -Z challenge! Im starting on them now and Im planning on scheduling them for the month. I like your method too…get the difficult letters out of the way!

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        • Yup, that’s the idea. friend tried last year and got about as far as Q or somewhere and just burnt out – but did too much. I’m starting with a simple word or phrase and a picture for each day I think, build along before building up, spread the load – no idea what but just start and see what happens, random maybe. That’s my kind of non-plan. Have you done the Atoz challenge before?

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        • No…never have. I started blogging in October so Im experiencing a lot of firsts.


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