not exactly work in progress…

‘Swishing up for…(w201-poetry)


‘Swishing up, for writing now – pull up a chair and write stuff how…s’why swish-up? s’what? s’why – collaboratively some of us tied and tried, we’ll try again alliteratively p’raps now and then and then and then again – ModPo’s grabbed hold and grabbed my pen – pertained pretends pretense per se per say pursed lips no way…

S’time an’ Stein goes rock and sway and in prose poem does merely say I surely can’t alliterate – s’what! S’why it’s sounding swaggered – s’when I free-write words get staggered stone cold sobre supping tea and in no need of sympathy but simply saying hear see hear say here stay a while and sit and play and play and playful words can make a poem so absurd …

S’what! S’fun s’pose it’s not wrong to muddle words and tag along and drag a song so poetry does start today so still stuck w101 someway with day 19 so slightly stalled takes such long steps to hop and trawl and so day 1 of poetry’s alliterate attend freely…


As you can see I need more practise …

In ModPo this week we are reading the likes of Gertrude Stein – I’m quite new to formal study of poetry but  my writing above is a prose poem, attempting to alliterate which is always fun, as per writing201(poetry) day1 assignment.

‘Swishing up is just the url for an online ‘writer’s lounge’ for some us in writing101 to continue with one way or another of collaborating. The Commons will be closing soon, but there’s some way of dropping by, hanging out, grabbing a virtual coffee and having a chat and some fun hopefully. Some will be sharing posts for feedback, setting challenges or leaving a prompt they created. It has like a notice-board or a showcase function and maybe even some writing practise going on. Some of us are working on ideas for collaborative writing in pairs or as a small group – it was primarily built for such use but results of our writing for those projects will be a while in the making…

I’ll get around to writing101’s day20 assignment by the end of this week, hopefully…

Author: Colette B

Amateur creative (artist, writer) ...

14 thoughts on “‘Swishing up for…(w201-poetry)

  1. Hello there! 🙂
    Your alliteration sure did its trick on me! 🙂

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  2. Loved it Colette! A little ramble interspersed with quirky alliteration ☺ And a great idea for continuing the writing 101, perhaps I can finish all of the assignments ☺

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    • There’s also a facebook group link in recent commons post – not mine, another lady, Carol I think. i’d not ‘met’ her before todday. So if you’re a facebook fan that might be good – and of course you’re welcome at the new ‘writers lounge’ group blog. I haven’t started sending individual invites yet. So far the authors showing on the icons are those who have been collaborating with me for day 19 assignment 🙂 There’s a contact form if you want to use that for a sooner invite 🙂 Are you doing poetry too? I’m doing that one on the slow and just having fun with it for now 🙂 I’ve still some w101 to finish too 🙂

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  3. You are silly! I love the alliteration!

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  5. well this is a lot of fun! It is different and I like different 🙂 It has a great rhythm to it as well.

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  6. Great stuff! I signed up for Poetry201 but I’m tackling it offline since it is not my forté! 🙂

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  7. Thank you 🙂 it was a very quick fun to write response – I wasn’t intending a poetry post but one fell out!

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  8. I’m also using the poetry assignments offline and taking my time with them 🙂


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