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Rounding up for collaboration


Back to real world with writing101’s day 19 assignment. Although not clear my previous day’s post relates to the day 18 task to pull something from an archive (my admin dashboard yields nothing of interest but I chose to finxionalise it and feature it as the ‘dashborgd’…). I combined that task with the day 17 mapping task and chose to approach that differently too. It maybe seems a bit out of this world or not on the same planet, but that was the idea… or rather it may be an emerging idea to continue journeying into the future…

Today’s collaboration task for day 19…or one of them…

One of the options for today was to publish a recommended reading post linking to five other blogs. I’ve been inspired by the first of these I’ve seen today to write a round-up post of my own. specifically of day 19 reader recommends posts. I’ll visit some throughout today, I’ll add others that I’ve visited and include (at least?) four more. In addition to linking to their round-up post of great reads, I’ll be making tiny screenshot buttons to illustrate and link to another post I really enjoyed at the featured blog. (Also see footnote re:task).

geekergosum has made a fantastic post for this task and I was really pleasantly surprised to find one of my posts here mentioned in that article. Whenever I have time for a visit there is so much to enjoy reading at this blog that to receive  a mention and in such fine company is an absolute honour. I love this closing statement from geekergosums’s about page “I geek therefore I am”. I’m looking forward to visiting those recommended blog reads at the weekend and settle down with some relaxed time for a good read. Earlier in writing101 I really enjoyed the unique response and way geekergosum  tackled and presented his vignettes assignment response. The preview button below links to that particular post.


While I’ll be eventually adding more buttons and featuring rounding-up post links, I’ll add in the comments below this post quick links to some I visit along the way, until I have time for editing and including some to feature, similarly to the opening one above. Please feel free to also leave a link to your own day 19 reading round-up post if you have made one. I may or may not have time to visit you today, but you’re welcome to join in the blog-hop celebration that way and I’ll pop over to visit your post as soon as I can. Cheers 🙂

I’ll leave this mention of my first post relating to the collaboration task here, at the final paragraph of my post so far. That post is over at ‘The Wishing Well, where later today or soon after I’ll be featuring a special guest blogger collaborative post and tomorrow will be publishing a collaborative group poem. There’s still time to take part if you like – but only until mid-day tomorrow, UK time. Details available in that post linked above – and another contact page if you’d like to get in touch (there is also one in the menu at the top of my blog here for a day 11 task page).

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7 thoughts on “Rounding up for collaboration


    Must get back to read more and check out the recommendations. Features link to one of my fave blogs too 🙂



    Some apparently really interesting articles linked – no time at mo for diversions but will visit again and check out some of these recommendations



    This looks really interesting for the overall writing101 theme and some new to me w101 blogs recommended 🙂


  4. a feast of fave posts from the last week – some fascinating link text or post titles – can’t wait to visit the therapeutic playdough post among others 🙂


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