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Balancing …


Writing101 Task today:

1. Writing and not writing – what do you do when you’re not writing?… how do you maintain balance…? return refreshed…?

In general I’m very rarely ‘refreshed’! Life is generally sustained unrefreshed. Not for writing necessarily – although this activity can be incredibly draining, as it can be for anyone.


(snail found in my garden 20/09/15)

I don’t get out of the house most days, not even in my garden usually, but I enjoy looking out from my back door and have a good view of trees and sky beyond my garden fence. I like to play at snapping photos but currently have limitations of mostly housebound subject matter(!)

When I’m not writing, usually I’m either attending to the mundane necessities of everyday life or obtaining full rest because I have fallen off my feet. That’s the phrase I use for overstaying my vertical out of bed up and about the house time. I reach the point of such pain and struggle that to return to bed is the only option. This can occur less than an hour after getting up on a bad day or after a few hours on a good day if I’m fairly inactive (but standing, not sitting).

Sometimes I can then get comfy in bed, be propped up and still have concentration and ability to write. Sometimes I am fighting against the fog of inefficiency and incompetency. Sometimes I will battle on determined to finish. Other times there is no hope for activity at all and all there is to do is rest, kind of meditate the pain away, sleep if it’s what my brain insists though I try to defy it.

This week and for the next few weeks (or taking as long as a year) I have committed to the distraction of some formal poetry learning. I enrolled for the online Upenn Modern Poetry course (MOOC), so I have some poetry and discussion to watch and read. I don’t usually watch videos, mostly listen to them as if radio if playing them at all. I’m not undertaking the full course activity and will just drift through it. There’s no writing your own poetry, just critique and close readings. I’ve never studied poetry this way so it should be enlightening, although I’m not keen on formal discourse nor fluent in it. I say ‘study’, but I doubt I’ll be producing much in the way of notes or writing essays!

Splurging out words (creative writing) isn’t as intense a cognitive activity as reading, or attempting to write discussion based on reading or organising information from research. I’ve noticed some writers use reading as a resting activity, but I mostly can’t read when tired from writing. I don’t usually write much when focussing on trying to read. I don’t usually read or write much anyway…


02/09/15 – my last objective drawing sketch

Writing (via computer) doesn’t cause as much pain as drawing. I’d rather be drawing but haven’t done any for the last ten days. I’d hoped to keep drawing daily after my #DrawingAugust efforts when I managed an average of 20 minutes drawing each day. From 4th September I moved to a very quick non-dominant hand excercise, using a single line to draw just one small abstract ‘doodle’ daily taking one to two minutes max. I haven’t drawn anything at all since 11th September, ten days ago but I’ll start gain when I’ve rested from it.

There are so many things I would rather be doing than writing – but not much I can claim to be managing to do other than my little bits of writing…

Author: Colette B

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16 thoughts on “Balancing …

  1. *hugs* Colette, it must be difficult, never knowing what your day may entail.

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    • Could be worse though hey 🙂 At least now I can do something and manage to write something every day! That’s a big improvement on a while ago, although maybe at cost of not doing other tasks. I’m glad I have my dog as I have to get up to look after her and have to look after myself enough to do that. So I’m not staying in bed 24/7 and getting depressed. That would be very easy to do. I’m quite predictable in some ways, to an extent, but there is no certainty. My baseline capability for activity would increase if I could afford my nutritional supplements so that’s the most frustrating thing, to not have those things that help. I think everyone has difficulties one way or another, we all face problems… (thanks for the hugs)

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      • Forgive me for asking, but what type of nutritional supplements do you find the most beneficial? And what kind of dog do you have?

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        • My dog is a mongrel, cross-bred from a staffy and a rottweiler, neither full breed but she’s lovely 🙂

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        • She does sound lovely, a mix of two very loving, and protective, breeds. ☺

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        • Supplements include co-enzymeQ10 for energy levels, circulation and pain reduction; Anti-stax for circulation and less ain in legs and hips; kelp for throid function; magnesium for muscle pain; omega3-6-9 seems to help arthritis, joint pain, brain function and whatever else – also when I take supplements take a mega-vitBcomplex, vitC&zinc when challenged by viruses or run down… potassium sometimes for energy boost… sometimes vitD and calcium, depends on diet – currently taking none for cost ence very low often bed-bound level, but need to find my baseline without the nutritional/medicinal help they provide too. At least now I’m not having horrendous heart and blood pressure symptoms without coQ10 and can afford to manage without for a while, they’re quite expensive and I used credit cards and other borrowing to afford them previously. Wonder if I missed any, but they’re the main ones I used

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        • I am always interested in herbal and dietary supplements. Currently initiating turmeric into our diet, anti inflammatory properties I believe. I like to know what other people take/try so that we can add those too. Thanks for sharing Colette, you have given me a few ideas to work with. Hope you are having a good day today ☺

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  2. Hello Colette 🙂
    I feel you are an original thinker and so utterly honest in whatever you do. I don’t know much about your personal life yet, though I am interested to know; had I been sitting face to face with you, I would have loved listening to your talk for many I hours I feel. I feel some kind of bond with you. I observed this in August and told you about it.
    The picture of snail is such a beauty. I had a great time reading your post.
    Love and light ❤
    Anand 🙂

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    • Thank you Anand 🙂 I thought it was a beautiful shell I had to capture a photo of it! I felt quite guilty though for cutting down nettles and finding I’d removed this snail’s shelter and shade! Never mind, it has moved itself to somewhere else. My next little garden tidying effort I will be worrying that I hope not to tread on it if hiding! There is nothing worse than crushing a snail underfoot or acidentally destroying a spider’s web – other than accidentally washing a spider down the sink of course… but that’s indoors… you would laugh at me in my garden, how a walk becomes a dance along the path to avoid these things. In person, in company, I don’t speak as much as I write in conversation… the reality of me would bore you to tears 🙂

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      • Maybe it won’t bore me. I feel you are so mindful of not hurting various life forms, it’s something worthy of being appreciated and inspiring too.

        I imagined you dancing around in the garden.

        Love and light ❤

        Anand 🙂

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  5. I read this post last week, but had to suddenly rush off without commenting. I wanted to tell you how much i like your drawing, and now I have, so I really will GO TO BED.

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