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Our first virtual coffee date (prose poem)


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If we were having coffee right now I’d hope we’d meet in town, I’m too behind with housework to invite anybody round – My hair’s a mess, I’d like to shower, and I need to be in bed, so you’d have to make your drink yourself and please excuse the mess.

If we were having coffee now…You’d see the state I’m in, how I’m in such a big muddle and how my talking-points worn thin. You’d have to move some things around to sit beside my bed – I’m not sure what we’d chat about while I’ve an aching foggy head.

If we were having coffee now, my ideal day will have arrived, I’d have the energy to catch the bus and meet you just in time. We’d chat upon the surface of warm conversational flow… You’d never know the real me, the one that lingers so.

copyright, Colette Bates, 18/09/2015

(if you missed it while here, I’ve an index page of writing101 stuff, though does need updating, and made a short page for today also.)

Author: Colette B

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8 thoughts on “Our first virtual coffee date (prose poem)

  1. I love the rhythm here. Fingers crossed your ideal day will be here soon!

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  2. Wow! This is a lovely poem, with hidden rhymes and nice meter! (As for hair and house being a mess, guess what state I’m in?! Cooking in a kitchen with no room to move around, so full of stuff! Still, the food’s smelling good, so who cares what I wear?)

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  3. Coffee’s on ?? Ok be there soon, I sure enjoy the way this writing flows.

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  4. I just nominated you for the Liebster Award because you are among my favorite humans. Check it out right here


  5. Colette, I enjoyed your “coffee” story. Thanks for the like on my “Coffee Interlude.” Maybe we should share a coffee break, even though I hate coffee!

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