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Just as blogging101 is drawing near to a close I realised this is the blog attached to my registration. So anyone trying to get to my blog(s) from b101 dashboard has only reached this site as far as the access request page – and I’ve been forgetting to check my email because I only ever get marketing email and I’m accessing tasks via the Commons and not my emails.

whoops! I don’t expect I’ve missed many email requests for access if any, but have to try and check back through my email soon. How impolite to potentially have ignored a request! I just click the back button and don’t bother when I reach a private site and usually check for blogs via the gravatar profile…

i was going to wait until I’d learnt more before reviving this site. I hope to one day use it for semi-professional purpose perhaps. I’d like to organise it more like a website than a blog. I have so much to learn about such things. So why use this one as well as having three more? Well, I’ve got lots of potential content I could share from old stuff, but I don’t want it to be messy or sloppy when I do.

© Colette Bates 2015 Image created using SketchBook Express software for Android devices

‘Impossible Blossom’ © Colette Bates 2015
Image created using SketchBook Express software for Android devices

I’d actually hoped to have new stuff to share. There is of a sort from recent activity on my play and learn blogs. The digital image left is one of the first I created with my new tablet at the end of April and first posted here when this site was born. I made very few since and nothing as complete as this.

None of my other three blogs are the kind of theme I’d anticipate using for the type of content or layout I’d like to have here one day, but in no great hurry. I soon realised there is so much to learn first. It will take however long and I need to work out what I want to share why, how and weave it together well. It has to make sense, connect and travel smoothly and seamlessly, multi-directional to an extent. So much to learn first. Menus – i should remember root directories and make sense of structure but then I’d need my content plan ready… I’m having fun with more ‘whimsical’ themes on my fun blogs and creating a little as I go.

Even if I spread my potential content all out in real space and mapped it out, I’d get nowhere fast other than a cluttered floor and surfaces. Then there’s several years worth of digital files I don’t feel like trawling through in  a hurry. Then there’s the muddle I could make of it. I feel a need to be more familiar with tech and content management aspects and it to be second nature. Maybe I’ll never get around to it, there’s no real reason why I should. Other than needing to work somehow some day and not likely to be able to work a conventional job. So, skills practice and ongoing learning, onward…

I won’t be adding this site to my gravatar profile. I will make this site a hub to my fun blogs though perhaps, so anyone who knows me by name and searches WordPress can then find my blogs. Probably no-one would, I can’t see why they might, nor that they’d be interested…

I’m waffling. It’s overnight and night’s soon over. I’m as unproductive and inefficient as is usual whatever the circumstance. Avoid blogging burn-out? I have to hope so. But my to-do list niggles me. I take movement breaks and am most often bed-resting when actually blogging. Browsing blogs and commenting is mostly on my mobile during my movement breaks and while standing. I’m still slow and inefficient but I am human. Sitting down is the worst possible thing I can do for my back so I avoid sitting (it’s not my back that usually causes need for bed-rest). I’ve decided that to be seated is quite an unnatural thing for a person to be doing, i only miss it the times I’m in company – or I’m bearing it as long as I can and in agony, loathing it. It’s funny and annoying to be expected to should sit down to rest with M.E. and for a bad back. Or that not sitting much means it can’t be that bad. gripe.

So, everything here so far, until this post, is as it was, other than some minimal editing to remove most of personal rants from previously posted rambling. The very short posts are unedited and don’t really say anything – other than at those times I wanted to make a post but couldn’t. they’re there to remind me of my progress this last month, in comparison, even though that’s not evident here. This blog’s theme (Sketch) won’t apply the tagline I decided during this post other than to the browser tab – ‘not exactly work in progress’ seems fairly appropriate. I’ve three weeks of blogging101 learning to apply and three more blogs to play and learn at while I work out ‘what am I doing, why?’

i know what I’m not doing. I’m not doing blogging101 again for at least six months plus if at all. Not because it hasn’t been a great learning experience but because this was my second attendance and this time I will have covered the syllabus pretty well. I will have some ongoing tasks and learning activity to achieve to carry forward and revisit but it makes sense better now. I’ll bear in mind a refresher in 6 to 12 months, maybe. I’m not doing blogging201 either, but I might try the tasks in my own time at some point and maybe do it ‘properly’ later. Writing 101 with new tasks is quite tempting but I probably need a rest and I would rather just use the playground for a few weeks and continue learning that way. Maybe I’ll change my mind and sign up just in time to join. See how I feel nearer the off.

No-one’s gonna read this, I’m pandering to myself again. There’ll be birds singing soon, time to catch the dawn sky and the dew drops.

Author: Colette B

Amateur creative (artist, writer) ...

4 thoughts on “revival

  1. Hi I read it! I m goofy that way. I love to see how others try things, and the different ways to do different themes
    ‘differently’. If I could sit long enough I would probably have 3 playgrounds as you say as well 😉 Am seriously considering a closed blog in addition to my regular one to play with. I want to get a handle on things as it is mushrooming (well feels like it to me 😛 ) since doing my second go at blogging 101. Do so want to try photo101 again once I get some kind of camera that works! Ramble? I am good at rambling too, don’t worry about it I enjoy it. Hope to see you round some more. Take care.

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  2. Hi Sarah, thanks for your generous and kind feedback 🙂 I quite enjoy reading others ‘ramblings’ too. Photo101 is one I might repeat when they run it again as i didn’t really cover stuff well – I had one mega snapping session right near the end and still not posted those pics. Repeating blogging101 meant things sunk in better this time round. I signed up for Writing101 this time after all, to try and get into more frequent writing and posting habit. Thanks again for visiting and taking time to comment 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I was ‘in the neighborhood’ 🙂 . I pushed the post before I said: I like the picture you made for your header, and I like the idea of a ‘hub’ for your other blogs. Will be back again sometime! I too had some aha moments going that second time thru the 101. Writing 101 I signed up for and thought it was this week! Bah need to read my Own Notes! Ramble on, fellow blogger ( or rambler if you wish, kinda like the sound of that, like a car 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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