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Mundane Monday

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So much for having a short creative playtime every day. After effects of small efforts still knocking me back. Shattered today, back in bed hurting, resting, needing extra sleep after plenty sleep, trying to stay awake until reasonable time for an early night. Hope I wake early after an early night.

Saturday was a good day for managing almost 1000words writing, even if airing gripes and groans.

Sunday was bleak for half the day, dark and pouring with rain. The poor dog next door was left out in it, soaked and bedraggled. Sun shone later for the afternoon. I struggled in a dazed dither for the most part. It was a good day for having pre-prepared dinner to simply heat and eat and so managing to wash up straight after. Started spring cleaning and emptied and cleaned one of my kitchen cupboards.

A good weekend for managing to pace my online poetry coursework and completing the minimum requirements for the certificate – not that I’m sure the certificate’s worth anything as such but aiming for completion by that standard anyway. Can watch the class videos now rather than sole reliance on transcripts.

Today’s a good day for the neighbor’s carnival atmosphere garden party to keep me cheerful while not well and needing a big rest day. Had a really late lay-in and a veggie bacon sandwich for a treat after getting up. Not be able to afford treats for long with extortionate rent. So enjoying what there is while it lasts. Lazy oven-baked fish and chips for dinner soon as I’m starving… Hope I feel better tomorrow, loads I need to be getting on with… And I’m still frozen in spite of warmer weather and plenty of food and wrapping up in plenty layers… Hope I thaw soon… And maybe find something interesting to blog about!

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