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May Make Play – Impossible Blossom


© Colette Bates 2015 Image created using SketchBook Express software for Android devices

© Colette Bates 2015
Image created using SketchBook Express software for Android devices (01/05/2015)

I’ve changed my mind about wishing I’d bought a netbook instead of a small tablet. SketchBook Express is a funtastic app for playing with digital ‘drawing’. I’ve been experimenting with functionality and exploring. The image to the right is my latest creation, a fantasy flower … Or is it a creature? …

Maybe it’s even a writing prompt…

There was a suggestion I should try making a drawing a day… I love there being no mess and nothing to set up or put away and no material waste. Although I would love to get my hands dirty making art properly, I don’t really want it all over my bed – or my landlord’s carpets!

How many ways are there to play with ideas from a single image and will I ever return to try? I’ve no idea… Well, several …. I also wonder what a psychoanalyst might think up to make of it and how it’s somehow subconsciously rooted in the poetry I was reading last night / earlier today…

I really should be doing something else, but I’ll bet I can’t resist more doodle-play before the day’s out… Best fun Friday I’ve had in ages! (*update 02/05/15= no more play, got up to get dinner, too exhausted, made a sandwich, slept…)

The month of May is M.E.Awareness month – I wonder if it will ever make any significant difference… Multiple Sclerosis was similarly derided and undermined but became taken more seriously over forty to fifty years ago. I wonder how many of us are similarly neglected and punished for being ‘Impossible Blossom’…

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2 thoughts on “May Make Play – Impossible Blossom

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  2. Just happen ed to see this post today, I thought I had read all yours , even early ones, back when i lived online LOL, I have an anniversary with This N That With Me this month. I signed up the november or something the year before (14) then started in 2015. So we have been chugging, plugging along these three years, Happy Many Returns on the bloggy trails to you!:)

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