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May Make Play – Impossible Blossom

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© Colette Bates 2015 Image created using SketchBook Express software for Android devices

© Colette Bates 2015
Image created using SketchBook Express software for Android devices (01/05/2015)

I’ve changed my mind about wishing I’d bought a netbook instead of a small tablet. SketchBook Express is a funtastic app for playing with digital ‘drawing’. I’ve been experimenting with functionality and exploring. The image to the right is my latest creation, a fantasy flower … Or is it a creature? …

Maybe it’s even a writing prompt…

There was a suggestion I should try making a drawing a day… I love there being no mess and nothing to set up or put away and no material waste. Although I would love to get my hands dirty making art properly, I don’t really want it all over my bed – or my landlord’s carpets!

How many ways are there to play with ideas from a single image and will I ever return to try? I’ve no idea… Well, several …. I also wonder what a psychoanalyst might think up to make of it and how it’s somehow subconsciously rooted in the poetry I was reading last night / earlier today…

I really should be doing something else, but I’ll bet I can’t resist more doodle-play before the day’s out… Best fun Friday I’ve had in ages! (*update 02/05/15= no more play, got up to get dinner, too exhausted, made a sandwich, slept…)

The month of May is M.E.Awareness month – I wonder if it will ever make any significant difference… Multiple Sclerosis was similarly derided and undermined but became taken more seriously over forty to fifty years ago. I wonder how many of us are similarly neglected and punished for being ‘Impossible Blossom’…


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